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At WG, we’ve worked with clients large and small, some for over two decades. In this time we’ve helped these organizations realize the many benefits of choosing to outsource their marketing department.

In this post, we present the top 5 benefits you may want to consider when looking to expand your marketing team.

the importance of branding in a digital world

1. Cost Saving

First, let’s start where the buck stops – the wallet. Many companies spend a lot of time and resources hiring the right person for each department position. This is especially true when you take into account the ongoing expenses of salary and benefits after you find and train the right candidate. By outsourcing your marketing department, you can spend more on your marketing efforts and less on overhead costs.

2. Expertise in Many Areas

By hiring a firm that specializes in marketing in your particular vertical, you can get a team of individuals with expertise, experience and fresh ideas that go beyond what a single employee or small marketing department can offer. Internal team composition is no longer a limiting factor when you work with the right outsourced marketing partner.

3. Access to the Best Systems and Software

Marketing is a broad category with all kinds of subcategories. Think advertising, public relations, graphic design, production, digital and traditional marketing, just to name a few of what’s involved. To leverage all of the latest capabilities, an internal marketing department would need industry software and subscriptions in house. In addition, someone would need to train internal staff to use these tools to execute, optimize and report on all of the marketing initiatives. By partnering with a sophisticated outsourced marketing partner, you will have easy access to these game-changing tools and the expertise needed to use them.

4. Long-standing Relationships

If “on time” and “within budget” are priorities for you, put your trust in a well-established marketing firm that brings long-standing vetted relationships with vendors and suppliers. With connections to the right people, your outsourced marketing department can execute your campaigns with sensitivity to schedule and cost.

5. Less HR Hassle

People make the world go around. But people are also complicated and managing larger teams brings a lot of HR complexity to an organization. Why not offload that to your marketing partner to handle, which lets you focus on your marketing priorities rather than personnel issues.

In conclusion, if marketing expertise, access to the latest software, long-standing relationships, less HR hassle, and most importantly cost savings, sound like something your company would like to explore you may want to outsource your marketing department!

WG has provided exceptional marketing and advertising services to a wide array of clients over the last 20 years. We would love for the opportunity to connect with you about achieving your company goals by outsourcing your marketing department. Click below to contact WG to learn more about solutions we can provide for your business.